Nature ExploreTo learn more about the importance of nature based education, and the educational mission  of Arbor Day and the Dimensions Foundation. Country Day was the second certified Nature Explore classroom in Minnesota.

Children and Nature Network: A grass roots campaign to connect children with nature.

A Parent’s Guide to Nature Play: Tips and activities for getting outdoors and having fun with children.

NAEYC: The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) helps to develop and support high quality early childhood education through accreditation and continuing education. Country Day was involved with the initial development of the NAEYC accreditation standards, and we are once again going through the accreditation process.

Birthdays Without Pressure: A great site which examines why birthday parties have gotten bigger and more stessful, for the adults AND children. Great ideas for fun, memorable, low key events.

Autism Speaks: Resources, facts, and support for those affected by autism and their families.