General Information

Program and EnrollmentHours of Operation:
  CCDS is open from 7:30 to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Our days of operation closely follow that of the 9 month calendar of Independent School District #197.  A complete school year calendar for CCDS is given to each family upon enrollment.

Schedules:  We offer both full day and part time scheduling with 3 half days as our minimum enrollment.  Toddler and Preschool 1 programming is available as a morning only or full day option.  Preschool 2 programs offer a.m. or p.m. programming as well as full day.

Tuition:  Please contact us at 651.454.4000 for current tuition rates.

Program Information

Our teacher to child ratio
for each of our programs is lower than the standard required by Minnesota state licensing regulations.  The stated ages for each program is a range based on the child’s age in years/months as of September 1st.


Ages:  16 months to 30 months
Group Size:  12 children
Ratio:  1 teacher per 6 students
*Child must be walking to attend
Preschool 1
Ages:  2.5 years – 3.6  years
Group Size:  14 Children
Ratio: 1 teacher per 7 students
 Preschool 2
Ages:  3.5 years – 4+ years
Group Size:  16 children
Ratio:  1 teacher per 8 students
 Preschool 2
Ages:4+ to 5 years
Group Size: 18 children
Ratio: 1 teacher per 9 students



Children’s Country Day School
offers enrichment programming to all students, including nature and science, sign language and music and exposure to our school animals.

Nature and Science


Nature and Science:  The nature and science program is offered as part of our curriculum for all students at Country Day.  Through stories, games, art projects and hands-on activities, children are given the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of plants and animals.  Activities are designed to nourish the natural curiosity of young children, and expose them to the wonders of the world around them.  From feeding our own farm animals and planting a vegetable garden to learning about exotic animals, children are given an opportunity to ask questions, and get hands-on experiences.  Each lesson is designed to fit the interests and abilities of each age group at Country Day.

Sign Language:  Sign language classes are offered once a week for children in the Preschool 1 and Preschool 2 classrooms.  The children gain exposure to ASL, American Sign Language, through a variety of stories, songs, games, and activities.

Music:  Music classes are offered once a week for all ages.  Music is explored through a variety of activities.  Each week the children will learn new songs and sing with string instruments such as the piano, guitar, autoharp and violin.  Dance and movement are also incorporated as well as use of the percussion instruments.

AnimalsAnimals: Animals are an important part of every child’s time at Country Day. From fish and guinea pigs, to ponies and llamas, children are never far from a friendly animal at school. Children interact with animals on a daily basis through both informal visits with their classes, and more focused activities during “Animal Adventure” times. An on-site animal specialist helps children to learn about caring for and appreciating animals. Children learn how to interact safely with animals through feeding, grooming, and observation.


Children’s Country Day School
accepts applications at any time.  Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year based upon availability.  Placements for the upcoming school year begin in January.  To enroll your child in Children’s Country Day School, return the completed application accompanied with a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee.

To complete and print an application online click on the button below.

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If you have questions regarding availability or the enrollment process please call the office at 651-454-4000.  Applications along with the $100 enrollment fee should be mailed to:

Children’s Country Day School
1588 South Victoria Road
Mendota Heights MN 55118