Each classroom, from toddlers to our oldest Preschool 2 environment, is prepared with learning centers.  Creative art, math, literacy, manipulatives and puzzles, construction, daily living and cooking, nature nooks and group time areas are designed with an understanding of the physical, social and academic needs of the children within each classroom.

Recognizing that young children learn most effectively when they explore and manipulate concrete materials, the level 1 Montessori educational along with the Rolf Learning Tools and other hands-on products are found within each environment.  These materials are key in the foundation foal l later learning; concentration, eye-hand coordination, and completing a cycle of activity.  Developing a sensitivity to our natural world takes place inside as each classroom has living plants and a classroom pet.

Inside Children's Country Day School

Our goal is to provide opportunities for each child to develop their skills individually as well as in small groups.  When children feel successful, they are excited to share their accomplishments with their peers.  Each class has a short group time experience which encourages development of social skills; listening, taking turns, speaking in front of their peers and showing respect for others.

The materials within each classroom regularly change based upon staff observations of the needs and interest of their children.