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Children’s Country Day School has provided quality early childhood programming for young children for over 40 years.  Our model farm, founded by Ron and Phyllis Ettinger, is located on 7 acres of pasture and woodlands, overlooking the city of St. Paul and the Mississippi River Valley. Over the years, the mission and desire to provide high quality early childhood education has always remained paramount.

Program Philosophy and Objectives

Children’s Country Day School is a nurturing, nature-based preschool fostering a love of learning, respect for others, and a positive self concept. Our program objectives are as follows:

About Us

  • To provide a warm, nurturing environment which encourages the potential for the development of the “whole child.”
  • To maintain an environment which provides the child with the opportunity to learn by doing, moving from concrete hands-on experiences to more abstract concept development, thus providing opportunities for a lifetime of creative living and learning.
  • To provide an environment with developmentally appropriate materials, based on successful experiences, encouraging all children to develop a healthy self concept and a positive self esteem.
  • To offer an environment which encourages your child to develop his or her capabilities and interests at their own pace and according to their individual needs.  A program which recognizes the uniqueness of each and every child and provides positive encouragement for continued growth.

About Us

  • To provide an environment which offers opportunities to have first hand exposure to life, both plant and animal, thus providing children with sensitivity and a respect for others.  We encourage all families to share their diversity through their customs, talents and cultures.

In April of 2009, Children’s Country Day School became the 18th certified “Nature Explore Classroom” in the nation.  Research shows that positive experiences with nature can improve a child’s creative, observation and motor skills. In our Nature Explore Classroom, children instinctively interact with natural components and gain important learning skills as they play.  Research also shows that these benefits have a lasting impact.  For more information on the important value of nature in the lives of young children, go to www.dimensionsfoundation.org

Next year I am going to disguise myself so I can come back to summer camp and they won’t know I am too old!

— Grant age 6.